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Newsletter December 2016


As we end 2016 and start 2017, I would like to begin the New Year by thanking our customers, employees, and clients for making 2016 one of the most successful years yet. We no doubt had our challenges, but I’m proud to say that we, together, have overcome them. Today, our company is stronger and more stable than any other time in the past. The New Year will bring its own mixture of achievements and challenges, of which I am glad to have a supportive team that I can rely on. Again, I thank you for your continuous commitment and effort towards the company and look forward to another year of success with you all.


As the year comes to an end, it’s important to reflect on the progress made during the year. For Maromix, this year’s progress has been significant. With reaching 95% of the 2016 target, Maromix has many achievements. Some of the top achievements Maromix has accomplished are:

  • Applying Advanced Production Software:
    Maromix received a new High performance Beam Saw. A single-blade beam saw controlled by PC/PLC control system, designed to cut to size solid wood panels, chipboard, MDF panels, multi-layer panels, plywood panels and fiber panels. The new single beam panel saw offers high performance in quality for cut finishing and working speed in order to meet the production needs. The new advanced beam is a professional panel cutting machine equipped with high quality components as well as advanced production PC/PLC control system software. It is designed to cut exactly to specs and optimize raw material usage. This machine will result in boosting our productivity by at least 25%. This is in addition to our existing beam saws already in operation.
  • Company Relocation:This year, we made the decision to move our office to be within the plant premises in Sinayyat Dallah. In doing this, it gives us the advantage of monitoring the progress in the plant more closely as well as merging the office work with the work at the plant seamlessly. There is no doubt that by doing this, we will see tremendous progress in the coming year, especially in terms of productivity.
  • Increased the productivity.
  • Reduced the operations costs by 20%.
  • Completed the Sipchem project.

The Sipchem project was the most notable project of 2016 for Maromix. With the project being worth 15 million riyals, it was a great way for Maromix to gain exposure and advertise the business. The project consisted of building custom made closets and vanities for an apartment building. Not only have we delivered our usual top quality efforts and products, but we have also completed the project in a timely manner, beginning and completing the project in 2016.


As of this month, Maromix has begun the implementation of SAP system and will be fully implemented in 2017. SAP is internationally known and used in top companies around the world. It’s a system made in Germany that gained popularity worldwide for its simplicity.

Maromix signed a contract with Ejada, the SAP ERP application provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ejada is a leading IT services and solutions provider in the Middle East and North Africa enabling enterprises to maintain the competitive edge in today’s dynamic market, in order to meet the needs of its operations globally. SAP ERP will enable us to have more control over company assets, cash flow, accounting purchasing, manufacturing, inventory as well as human resources management and payroll.
Commenting on the cooperation, Mr. Imad Madani, Administration Manager at Ejada systems said “The responsibility entrusted upon us by Maromix validates our position as a leading service provider in the SAP ERP implementation”. He further added, “As always, we will exceed the expectation by providing market leading and capable solutions to address the operational challenges and requirements of Maromix.”

It is notable to mention that Ejada, with over 900 technical professionals, is one of the leading IT solutions and services companies in the region, achieving the 1st largest market position in various focused domain areas in the IT services market. Ejada was able to deliver 1000+ complex projects around system integration, implementation, consulting and support services to over 150 enterprises across various industries, including banking and financial services, telecommunication, government healthcare, and oil & gas.


Websites are an important way of advertising a business. With today’s dependence on mobile phones, it’s necessary for websites to be mobile friendly. For this reason, we found it to be crucial to update our website to fit today’s technological advances. We are proud to say that we have re-launched our website with a mobile-friendly, easy to use interface. Estimate prices are now shown on the website to give our customers an idea of what our price ranges are. Viewing images of our products could not be made any easier. With just a click of a button you can view many different designs of our vanities, closets and kitchens.

To wrap up this year, we would like to list some of our top selling products of 2016. Vanities took first place in best-selling products in 2016. This is due to the high reputation in quality and style that Maromix holds. The two top selling vanities are the following:

1. Carmen

This beautiful hanging vanity is the best-selling product of 2016 and we understand why. This luxurious yet simple vanity is perfect to give any bathroom a lavish feel. With the solid surface wrapped around Melamine (MFC) drawers, it’s no wonder this is a favorite among our customers.
2. Malibu

We are definitely seeing a trend in the top selling vanities. Seeing that both “Carmen” and “Malibu” both have a modern look, it’s fair to say that our customers are interested in more contemporary styles and designs.

Now that we have listed our top selling vanities, let’s move on to the next best selling products of 2016. Impressively, Komandor products take second place in the best-selling products of 2016. Considering that Komandor, launched in 2015, is a rather new line in Maromix, it has been very successful. It gained popularity for its budget friendly costs accompanied with its high quality. The most popular closet styles are the following:
1. Sliding Doors

The sliding doors are the most popular style of closet, and we know why. It is smooth, stylish, and does not take up space. Additionally, adding the soft close option to the sliding doors gives it a smooth touch.

2. Pivot Doors

It seems that our customers prefer keeping their clothes behind closed doors rather than the more modern, open door, style closet. This style is very traditional yet classy. It is suitable for those who like to have many drawers.

Last, but not least, kitchen were the third best selling products of 2016.