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Newsletter November 2016

Maromix® Management has moved to their “Natural Home”

In order to be close to the manufacturing operations, we have made the decision to move our office to be within our plant premises in Sinayyat Dallah. This move will not only improve our entire cycle of business operations but will also save us millions of Riyals in office rent over a period of several years.


Just in time for the company redesign, we had our first project managers visit us at our factory. Al-Turki Holding signed a contract with us a few months back to fabricate and install wardrobes and other furnishings for Al-Turki Residence in Khobar-Dhahran Area.

They were deeply impressed with what Maromix had to offer. They have inspected the samples made for their project before fabrication. The samples were approved and the production will begin soon.


In this day and age, the only thing that is certain is change. Change can give a feeling of a new start and a new beginning. And for Maromix®, change is just another step towards more competitiveness, improvement and success.

For this reason, and during this entire of 2016, Maromix has gone through a series of re-design and re-engineering of the entire company; we have introduced a new philosophy of production defined by automation using advanced software and new advanced equipment. We are continuously improving our work procedures, have designed our website and modernized our logo. We will also be applying Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) system in our accounting, HR as well as in sales and inventory.


Our customers are our number one priority. Their satisfaction is the driving force of the company. Being able to build and assemble our products in the homes and buildings of our customers, in the fastest possible way, is our prime concern. We are now in the process of re-evaluating our techniques to achieve faster production, delivery, and installation.


All this talk about change and improving got us thinking how we can each improve ourselves individually. One way towards self-improvement is reading. There is a great selection of books to be found on how to develop oneself. We also recommend a website called “Coursera”. This website has a selection of courses available for the public, free of charge. What’s even more surprising is that these courses are given by top universities in the United States, such as Yale and Stanford. Once the course is completed, you can add it to your resume. Some courses worth looking into include “Conflict Management”, “Physiology at Work”, and “Successful Negotiations”.


Maromix® will be implementing a new system called Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) starting Dec 2016. This decision was made in our continuous effort to manage our information using single database and manage our accounts, inventory, and help us provide high-quality customer service.


Winter is just around the corner! And so are colds and flus. Try to keep from getting sick by grabbing a sweater from one of our luxurious closets, and remember to always wash your hands in one of our wonderfully designed vanities. If you are already sick, we recommend you prepare chicken soup in one of our beautiful custom made kitchens, drink plenty of water, and get lots of rest in our comfortable beds.

Maromix® Projects In Progress

By the grace of Almighty, before the end of the year, Maromix has achieved to get hold of 2 major projects, namely, Al-Ghanim Project for Kitchens & Closets and Al-Turki Project for Wardrobes, TV units and storage cabinets.

Al-Turki project production has commenced in Maromix factory and the production for Al-Ghanim project shall also commence before the end of the year.


Maromix is mappy to announce the completion of Sipchem Home Ownership Project (SHOP) in the Jubail industrial area Jalmudah. Maromix scope of project involves the design, fabrication and installation of over 2560 closets and 1911 vanities for 354 villas, being constructed.

The colests are made based on the Komandor system and accessories and Egger wood. The vanities are made using Maromix solid surface. The villas will be occupied by early 2017.