Solid Surfaces

Being the first in the Middle East in the field of manufacturing solid surfaces (countertops), Maromix has a wide selection of colors and fill-textures to choose from.

At Maromix, we are proud to offer the finest solid surface countertops and wall panels in the industry. Our non-porous material is meticulously crafted from acrylic resin and may include crushed stone like quartz, resulting in a seamless look and exceptional durability.

Experience the advantages of stone without the drawbacks with our solid surface solutions. Minor nicks, scratches, and even damage from heavy objects or minor burns can be easily repaired with mild household cleaners, making our countertops and wall panels practical and long-lasting.

As pioneers in the Middle East, Maromix offers a wide selection of colors and fill-textures to choose from, allowing you to create a kitchen or space that truly reflects your unique style. Trust Maromix for the highest quality solid surface materials that combine durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal for a truly exceptional kitchen experience.

Maromix has two types of solid surface which have been supporting customers for over 30 years.

AA100- Series (%100 Acrylic)

  • Premium grade solid surface.
  • Superior chemical, heat, scratch resistance & anti-bacterial properties.
  • Exceptional durability. Similar to Corian® and Staron®.

MM600- Series (Modified Acrylic)

  • Good performance grade solid surface.
  • Very good chemicals, heat, scratch resistance & anti-bacterial properties.
  • Good quality for a very reasonable price.